The Banjo Barons – Banjo Party

Another Record We’ve Discovered with (Potentially) Excellent Sound…

and One We Will Probably Never Shootout Again

  • The best Banjo Barons record we have ever played, nearly White Hot on both sides
  • This original Six Eye pressing has exceptionally quiet vinyl – a true Mint Minus
  • Produced by Teo Macero, there are 36 selections here, arranged for maximum enjoyment
  • Not everybody’s musical cup of tea but lots of fun and wonderful sounding

Side One

Many copies suffered from smear on the transients and some hardness but this one came out on top in that department, beating the other copy we had of the album and the other copies by this group we had picked up over the years.

The third track sounded just right to our ears, with brass that had good bite yet was full-bodied and natural.

Side Two

Listen to how big the room is that they are recording in. In a big room the dynamics of the music have room to expand and breathe like live music — this is key to the best sound, and this side really had it going on.

Track two is rich and the harmonics of the banjos are clear and correct.

If you like the music of the Disneyland Parade, in top quality sound, you should get a big kick out of this one.


Side One

The Banjo’s Back In Town
Frankie And Johnny
Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses
Everybody Loves My Baby

Side Two

Old Black Joe
My Wild Irish Rose
All I Do Is Dream Of You
Under The Double Eagle

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