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To gain a better understanding of what Hot Stampers are and how one might go about finding them, click on either or both of the first two links:

  1. What exactly are Hot Stamper pressings?

  2. How can I find my own Hot Stamper pressings?

  3. Do I already have some Hot Stamper pressings in my collection?

If you want to skip all that and just buy some in order to hear what you’ve been missing, click here.

And before you play them, be sure to read this:

To expand on the basics discussed in the introductions above, you might want to check out some of these next:

  1. The Science of Hot Stampers – Incomplete, Imperfect, and (Gulp!) Provisional

  2. The Book of Hot Stampers – We’d Love to Read It!

  3. What Are Some Good General Rules for Acquiring Records with the Highest Quality Sound?

  4. 1A, or Is 1B Better? – Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

  5. How Can Anybody Not Hear What’s Wrong with Old Pressings Like These?

  6. Outliers & Out-of-This-World Sound

  7. Thoughts on Becoming an Expert Listener

And if that’s not enough, these sections have a great deal more to say about records and the equipment you need to play them properly.

  1. Basic Concepts and Realities Explained

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

  3. Important Lessons We Learned from Record Experiments

  4. Making Audio Progress

  5. Understanding The Fundamentals of Record Collecting