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Nina Simone – Nina Simone and Piano!

  • Outstanding sound for Nina Simone’s superb 1969 release, with both sides earning Double Plus (A++) grades or BETTER
  • This vintage stereo pressing boasts remarkably natural piano sound, breathy vocals and the Tubey Magic that only vintage vinyl pressings are capable of reproducing
  • There are a lot of bad sounding Nina Simone albums out there in the bins, but fortunately this is not one of them – it’s rich, smooth and tubey, just the way we like our Female Vocal records to sound
  • Problems in the vinyl are sometimes the nature of the beast with these early pressings – there simply is no way around them if the superior sound of vintage analog is important to you
  • “Her own best accompanist (especially during the crossover-happy ’60s), Nina Simone sings and plays on this 1969 LP. With strident vocals and a thoughtful piano backing… frequently rewarding.”


Nina Simone – Nina Simone at Town Hall

  • STUNNING sound for the Hot Stamper debut of this superb live album, featuring Shootout Winning Triple Plus (A+++) grades on both sides
  • The kind of Tubey Magical, tonally correct, spacious sound on this Colpix stereo pressing is nothing less than an audiophile THRILL
  • The piano sounds amazing here – natural and dynamic, letting Simon’s passionate playing shine
  • 5 stars: “One of Nina Simone’s finest recordings… From the start of her career, Nina Simone carved out her own unique niche, meshing together her classical piano technique with folk singing, civil rights protest lyrics and jazz. All of those elements are in evidence on this highly recommended set.”


Nina Simone – Nina Simone Sings The Blues

  • You’ll find outstanding sound on this vintage copy of Simone’s RCA debut, with Double Plus (A++) grades for sound or close to them
  • This stereo pressing of Nina’s exceptionally hard to find, highly regarded 1967 release (5 Stars! ) is full-bodied, smooth and musical
  • 5 stars: “Nina Simone Sings the Blues is a hallmark recording that endures; it deserves to be called a classic.”

If you’re a fan of vintage female vocals – the kind with no trace of digital reverb – you may get quite a kick out of this one. And unless I miss my guess you’ll be the first and only person on your block to own it! (That’s not a bad thing considering the average person’s taste in music and sound these days.) (more…)

Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind

  • Off the charts “Triple Triple” (A+++) sound for this classic Nina Simone album – both sides earned our top grade of A+++
  • There are a lot of bad sounding Nina Simone albums out there in the bins, but fortunately this is not one of them – it’s rich, smooth and tubey, just the way we like our Female Vocal records to sound
  • This is a very rare title, and unfortunately most of the copies we played had condition issues, so quiet vinyl just does not seem to be in the cards this time around
  • A Billboard magazine “special merit pick” on release, with the reviewer commenting: “Simone… sets up an exceptional romantic mood that offers top listening delight.” It was included in Robert Dimery’s 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, and rated the 5th best album of the 1960s by Pitchfork (!).


The Recordings of Nina Simone – These Two Didn’t Make the Grade

These are just some of the Nina Simone recordings that we’ve auditioned recently and found wanting.

Without going into specifics we’ll just say these albums suffer from poor performances, poor sound, or both, and therefore do not deserve a place in your collection, and may even belong in our Hall of Shame.  

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Nina Simone – Forbidden Fruit

  • A stunning copy of Nina Simone’s superb 1961 release on Colpix with Shootout Winning Triple Plus (A+++) sound or close to it throughout
  • This may be the best sounding Nina Simone record we’ve ever played – at the very least it’s one of the best, and worlds better than most
  • There’s real Tubey Magic on this album, along with breathy vocals and in-your-listening-room midrange presence – don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along
  • “… brilliant end to end. It rolls and weaves, suggests and states, looks under the skirts of the music… There’s not a mediocre song or rendition here. And you’ll never hear anyone else do any of them the way she does.”


Nina Simone – Silk And Soul

  • Outstanding sound for this RCA pressing with both sides earning solid Double Plus (A++) grades or BETTER
  • Both sides here are superb – clean, clear and full-bodied with wonderfully present vocals and lots of space around all of the players
  • “After moving from the blues to soul for her second RCA album, Nina Simone’s extroverted, confident delivery proved a natural match with the ranks of soul shouters working the crowds during the late ’60s…”