Reviews – Pressings with Weak Sound Quality or Music

Some records that didn’t sound very good to us.

Thelonious Monk ‎– Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington on OJC


Some OJC Pressings Sound Good, Some Don’t – This One Doesn’t

We play mediocre-to-bad sounding pressings so that you don’t have to, a public service from your record loving friends at Better Records. (more…)

Oscar Peterson Trio with Milt Jackson / Very Tall – Another Awful Anadisq

If you made the mistake of buying the atrocious Anadisq pressing MoFi put out in the ’90s, our Hot Stamper pressings will let you hear what a wonderful recording Val Valentin cooked up with these cats back in the day. (more…)

Liszt / Sonata in B Minor / Curzon – A Speakers Corner Disaster


Sonic Grade: F

More vinyl dreck from Speakers Corner and a Hall of Shame pressing if there ever was one. Pure mud.

Check out our Heavy Vinyl Orchestral Music Scorecard to read all about the latest winners and losers.

Wikipedia’s Entry

The Piano Sonata in B minor (German: Klaviersonate h-Moll), S.178, is a musical composition for solo piano by Franz Liszt, published in 1854 with a dedication to Robert Schumann. It is often considered Liszt’s greatest composition for solo piano. The piece has been often analyzed, particularly regarding issues of form.

It took a long time for the Sonata to become commonplace in concert repertoire both because of its technical difficulty and negative initial reception because of its status as “new” music. However by the early stages of the twentieth century, the piece had become established as a pinnacle of Liszt’s repertoire and has been a popularly performed and extensively analyzed piece ever since. (more…)

The Recordings of Carmen McRae – These Didn’t Make the Grade



These are just some of the Carmen McRae’s recordings that we’ve auditioned recently and found wanting.

Without going into specifics we’ll just say these albums suffer from poor performances, poor sound, or both, and therefore do not deserve a place in your collection, and may even belong in our Hall of Shame.  

A Free Service provided to the Audiophile Public, courtesy of Better Records.

MS 6069 – An Awful Columbia Record


Another recording that we auditioned and found wanting. Without going into specifics, we’ll just say the album suffers from poor performances, poor sound, or both, and therefore deserves a place in our Hall of Shame.

The performance here is far too slow to be taken seriously.

Free Service provided to the Audiophile Public, courtesy of Better Records.

Supersax ‎/ Supersax Plays Bird on MoFi – Remastered, But Why Did They Bother?


Awful music, awful sound. This is the record that convinced me that MoFi would not hesitate to remaster records that have no actual musical or sonic value.

And that spending $20 to find out if an album is any good is an expensive way to learn more about music you may not be familiar with.

As curators they were generally good, but in cases such as this one, they failed miserably. (more…)

Gabor Szabo – Wind Sky and Diamonds – A Weak Effort


Music Grade: F

Not recommended, a weak effort by Impulse in 1967, with silly background vocals no less. Neither the music nor the sound, at least on the copies we played, will likely be worth your time.

This has been a public service review from the record loving audiophiles here at Better Records.

More Evidence of Ron McMaster’s Flat Out Incompetence

More Gaucho


Sonic Grade: D

Check out our Heavy Vinyl Scorecard to read all about the latest winners and losers. When such records are clearly inferior to their mass-produced counterparts (Heavy Vinyl pressings are mass-produced too by the way), we put them in our Hall of Shame.

Reasonably good bass, we’ll give it that, but no top end and no Tubey Magic. More of Ron McMaster’s handiwork and the result is a record that simply has no reason to exist. The AVERAGE original pressing sitting in your local record store bin right now for probably all of five bucks will MURDER this piece of crap. 

As we noted for Ron’s remastered Band album, “When you see that little RM in the dead wax of one of these new Heavy Vinyl reissues you know you’ve just flushed your money down the toilet. There should be a warning label on the jacket: Mastered by Ron McMaster. It’s only a warning to those of us familiar with his work of course; the general public, and that includes the general audiophile public, probably won’t have much of a problem with the sound of this record or anything else he does. He still has the job, doesn’t he? What does that tell you?”