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Orff / Carmina Burana / Jochum – Amazing on DG Vinyl

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  • A superb copy of this strikingly original work with outstanding Double Plus (A+++) sound from start to finish – the orchestral power of display here is really something to hear if you have the system for it
  • This spectacular recording is big, clear, rich, dynamic, transparent and energetic – here is the analog sound we love
  • We’ve auditioned quite a number of recordings of the work, and as far as we are concerned, on the right pressing this is the best sounding version that exists on vinyl
  • “With the direction of Eugen Jochum and the bonus of the incomparable rich, powerful voice of baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, this 1968 performance is a classic, and very probably the best, recording of the opera.”


Orff – Carmina Burana – Thomas

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This Super Hot Stamper pressing has an amazing side one, with the kind of BIG BOLD sound that a work of this scale demands. It has the energy that’s missing from so many pressings; the life of the music really comes through on this side one, let me tell you.

The right pressings of this recording played on the right stereo take you at least as far as you need to go, to the point at which your suspension of disbelief can take over and let you believe it’s real music, not a recording. (Side two of this copy was not nearly as good I’m sorry to say. Like so many we’ve played it’s dark and recessed.)

Large Scale

The recording itself is as DYNAMIC as they come. Unless your stereo can play very loud, the quiet voices after the intro will not come alive the the way they would in actual performance. If you set the volume properly for those quiet voices, the loud passages are going to be VERY LOUD. But that is precisely the way this music is written. Small speaker owners are never going to be able to reproduce this music with much fidelity. But wait a minute: neither are big speaker owners, truth be told. This kind of large scale work just can’t fit comfortably inside a listening room; it needs a concert hall, and a capacious one at that. (more…)

Orff – Carmina Burana on Telarc – A Very Old Review

More of the music of Carl Orff


This IMMACULATE Telarc Double LP with Virtually No Sign Of Play is one of the greatest audiophile records of all time and Telarc’s greatest recording! No recording gets more realism with this work … depth, dynamics, colors & performance!

Why don’t more of their recordings sound like this? Telarc is not a label I would normally associate with good sound but you have to give them credit here: they knocked this one out the park. They have made good records in the past — this one is proof enough, and some of the Fennel titles are quite good — but most of their catalog leaves much to be desired and is hard to recommend. (more…)