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Kris Kristofferson – Me and Bobby McGee

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  • An outstanding pressing of this Kristofferson Classic: Triple Plus (A+++) on side one, Double Plus (A++) on side two
  • Both sides are big and spacious with a huge three-dimensional soundfield and correct tonality in the midrange
  • We were struck by how much these songs have in common with those by writers such as Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan
  • 5 stars: “Kristofferson retained his gift for intimate love songs, and the album’s most memorable selections turned out to be “Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again)” (which became a semi-standard) and “When I Loved Her.”

We’ve been really digging the early Kristofferson albums around these parts lately. The first album is an absolute classic, not a bad song on there, and this one (his second) ranks right up there with it. Obviously the man became a huge country star, but going back and listening to his earliest material now we were struck by how much it shares in common with guys like Leonard Cohen and even Bob Dylan.

What to Listen For (WTLF)

This copy has the kind of sound we look for in a ’70s Singer Songwriter album. A few qualities to listen for:

Immediacy in the vocals (so many copies are veiled and distant);

Natural tonal balance (most copies are at least slightly brighter or darker than ideal; ones with the right balance are the exception, not the rule);

Good solid weight (so the bass sounds full and powerful);

Spaciousness (the best copies have wonderful studio ambience and space);

And last but not least, transparency, the quality of being able to see into the studio, where there is plenty of musical information to be revealed in this simple but sophisticated recording. (more…)

Kris Kristofferson – Jesus Was a Capricorn

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  • An outstanding copy of Kristofferson’s 4th album, with solid Double Plus (A++) sound or close to it from first note to last – exceptionally quiet vinyl too
  • It’s richer, fuller, more musical and more natural – Kristofferson’s breathy voice is reproduced with a solidity and immediacy that’s not easy to find
  • The vocals sound particularly nice on this copy – rich, warm and full, just as they should
  • “Both album and single went gold, giving Kristofferson his greatest success as a recording artist.”

We played a bunch of these recently and this was one of the better copies we heard.

We’ve been really digging the early Kristofferson albums around these parts lately. The first album is an absolute classic, not a bad song on there, and this one is solid as well. (more…)

Roy Orbison – The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame. 

The depth, the spaciousness, the richness — this one has it all. It seems as though Bill Porter just does not know how to not make an amazing recording, whether for Monument or Living Stereo. Everything the guy touches is GOLD! Rich, smooth, sweet, full of ambience, dead on correct tonality — everything that we listen for in a great record is here.

For us audiophiles both the sound and the music found here are positively enchanting. If you’re looking to demonstrate just how good ’60s All Tube Analog sound can be, this killer copy may be just the album for you. (more…)

Roy Orbison – Orbisongs



Excellent sound throughout with Double Plus (A++) or BETTER on both sides. This superb pressing is especially Analog Sounding – lively, warm, with rich bass and breathy, clear vocals. Features one of Orbison’s greatest legacies, “Oh, Pretty Woman,” in stereo no less, and it sounds incredible here.  (more…)