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Enya – Watermark

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  • Two superb sides each rating a solid Double Plus (A++) giving you an excellent pressing of this New Age masterpiece – fairly quiet vinyl too
  • Orinoco Flow (aka Sail Away) is the big hit here and it sounds amazing on a copy like this
  • 5 stars: “…the subtlety that characterizes her work at her best dominates Watermark, with the lovely title track, her multi-tracked voice gently swooping among the lead piano, and strings like a softly haunting ghost, as fine an example as any.”

The sound here is airy, open, spacious, and super transparent. This may not be our favorite music in the world, but it’s hard to argue with sonics like this. The instruments all have lovely texture, and it’s easy to pick out and follow them over the course of a song. (more…)