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Average White Band – Cut The Cake

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  • Incredible sound throughout for this Atlantic pressing with each side earning Shootout Winning Triple Plus (A+++) grades
  • Check out the title track and School Boy Crush for some funky fun with great sound
  • We’ve always been big fans of their AWB album, but it was only recently that we discovered how good Cut The Cake can sound on the right pressing
  • All Music Guide calls it “one of their finest, most engaging albums” and when it sounds this good, we sure aren’t going to argue!
  • Check out the title track and School Boy Crush for some funky fun with great sound!


Average White Band – We Played a Killer Copy in 2007

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FREAKISHLY GOOD SOUND ON BOTH SIDES! We’ve been playing this record for years, but we’ve sure never heard it sound like this! The bass — so crucial to this music — is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.

Keepin’ It To Myself sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD!

We didn’t have enough clean copies around to do a full shootout for a very good reason — we’ve NEVER heard this record sound this amazing before. The typical copy tends to be smeary with sour horns and not very much energy.

So imagine our surprise when we dropped the needle on side one of this copy and heard RICH, FULL-BODIED MASTER TAPE SOUND. After auditioning a few tracks, we dropped the needle on the flipside and heard more of the same!

It bears repeating: we’ve never heard this album sound this good.

The bass is deep, rich, and tight — just what this funky music demands. The brass sounds wonderful — it has just the right amount of bite and you can really hear the air moving through the horns.

Pick Up The Pieces has a bit of radio EQ going on — it’s slightly midrangy at times — but all of the other big hits sound SUPERB.

Without doing a larger shootout we can’t guarantee this is the best sounding copy in the world, but it’s certainly hard to imagine this music sounding much better than this — smooth, sweet, airy, open, spacious and ALIVE. We rate both sides at least A++ — the best sounding songs have Master Tape Sound.