Top Artists – Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes – Chocolate Chip


  • Hayes’ 1975 release finally arrives on the site with Shootout Winning Triple Plus (A+++) sound from start to finish – exceptionally quiet vinyl too
  • Smoother, more musical, with more top end extension and more weight down below, this is the way to hear Isaac Hayes in his prime
  • Forget whatever dead-as-a-doornail Heavy Vinyl record they’re making these days – if you want to hear the Tubey Magic, size and energy of this wonderful album from 1975, this is a great way to go
  • “A fine mid-’70s album on which Isaac Hayes adapted to the disco era. His productions were already ideal for dance floors, and he now updated his charts to include some stomping segments with horns and layered beats, while maintaining his soulful vocals on both up-tempo tunes and ballads.”