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Universals’s Reissue of 10cc’s Masterpiece on Heavy Vinyl Gets Panned


Universal 180 Gram LP

Sonic Grade: F

This new Universal Super DeLuxe import LP appears to be the regular vinyl version that, for all we know, might actually still be in print in Europe. It appears to have been specially pressed on heavy import vinyl for our domestic market as part of the new Universal Heavy Vinyl series. Either that or it’s being made from the old metalwork for the LP that would have been available most recently in Europe (out of print by now I should think).

Which is a very long-winded way of saying that it is not in any real sense remastered, if such a claim is being made for it or the series. Rather it has simply been repressed on Heavy Vinyl in Europe and imported to the states. None of which is either here nor there because the record is an absolute DISASTER.


10cc – Sheet Music – Our Shootout Winner from 2010


A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock Hall of Fame.

A KILLER SIDE ONE backed with a STRONG side two. We just finished our first shootout in years for this great album and this copy has a side one that just couldn’t be beat. The sound is lively, full-bodied and rich with exceptional clarity and transparency. Those of you who have gotten a kick out of our Deceptive Bends or Original Soundtrack albums are obviously going to find a lot to like here.

Side two has nice weight to the bottom end and good presence, but doesn’t have the last degree of resolution that side one gives you. There’s a touch of grain on the vocals, but that’s par for the course. We gave this side an A+, which means it should beat the pants off most copies out there.

If you are not familiar with this recording, you will find few rock records as dynamic immediate, punchy and as full of ambience and openness as this. Eric Stewart was and is a studio wizard and he worked his magic big time on this album.

I would have to say that this is the most consistently well written 10cc album, with every track being excellent, one song flowing into the next and never a dull moment to be found. This is arguably the best record they ever made, although I’m such a fan, I think they’re all great! (The first five albums anyway.) (more…)

10cc’s Brilliant Second Album – Sheet Music

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  • This copy of Sheet Music boasts outstanding Double Plus (A++) sound and relatively quiet vinyl too
  • Rich, full and balanced with plenty of deep bass and Arty Rock energy, this is a Truly Amazing Demo Disc
  • Bassist Graham Gouldman calls it “the definitive 10cc album” and he’s probably right about that (although we love The Original Soundtrack that came out a year later)
  • “Three hit singles spun off the record, and most of the other tracks could have followed suit; it says much for Sheet Music’s staying power that, no matter how many times the album is reissued, it has never lost its power to delight, excite, and set alight a lousy day.”

Sheet Music is in our opinion the most consistently well written and produced 10cc album, with every track performed with heart and recorded with exquisite attention to detail. Each song flows into the next and there is simply not a dull moment to be found. Sheet Music is arguably the best record they ever made, although I’m such a fan, I think they’re all great. (The first five albums anyway.) (more…)