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  • A superb pressing of The Hollies’ 1974 release, with outstanding Double Plus (A++) sound from first note to last
  • The sound of this early UK pressing is big, full-bodied and dynamic with Tubey Magic to die for – forget the dry, edgy sound of the domestic LPs, this is the real master tape, baby!
  • The Air That I Breathe is the monster track here, and on these killer British Polydor pressings it’s out of this world thanks to the engineering prowess of none other than Alan Parsons


The Hollies Remember – On a Carousel (various session segments)

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If only their recordings were better. Most of their early albums sound like they are playing on an AM radio.

Thanks god The Beatles were so well recorded (although I have to say With the Beatles and A Hard Day’s Night are consistently thinner and brighter than they should be, and thinner and brighter than the albums that follow and Please Please Me before them).

The Hollies – For Certain Because… (Released here as Stop! Stop! Stop!)

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This is a rare, original Hollies Parlophone Black & Yellow label LP in stereo.

The album has very good sound on surprisingly quiet vinyl.

“An admirable effort that may stand as the group’s most accomplished album of the ’60s.” — AMG

“The Hollies were very much a pop group and didn’t let their somewhat more sober and introspective compositions stand in the way of their glittering harmonies and jangling guitars. Occasional brass, banjo, bells, and vibrating piano embellish their basic rock instrumentation on this pleasant, if hardly earthshaking, work. The circus-like “Stop! Stop! Stop!,” with its manic banjo, was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic; the good-natured “Pay You Back with Interest” was a Top 30 hit in America; and the jazzy “Tell Me to My Face” was one of their best ’60s album tracks.” — AMG

The Hollies – Hollies Sing Dylan

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Super rare original Yellow and Black Parlophone Label Hollies LP in very good condition. 

Typical Hollies sound: a bit too much upper midrange. But that’s the way they wanted you to hear it. I doubt if you can find a better sounding version of this album than this copy.

The Hollies – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

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  • Some of the best Hollies sound we’ve heard
  • Richer and smoother than most of the copies we’ve played
  • Surprising immediacy and bottom end weight on both sides
  • Engineered by Alan Parsons, but most copies don’t deliver

EXCELLENT SOUND for both sides of this classic Hollies album. We collected these for a long time in hopes of finding a copy that could really deliver, and this one certainly fits the bill! Most people are probably most interested in the title track — and I’m pleased to report it sounds wonderful here — but this album is actually quite solid with a number of good songs. The immediacy and bottom end weight on both sides surprised us and really helped the music come to life.

Many copies we played were too dry and grainy to enjoy. This one is richer and smoother, with only a touch of the grit that we heard on copy after copy. The presence is superb and there’s tons of energy. The overall sound is clean, clear and open with good separation between the instruments. Allan Clarke’s vocals sound natural and full, without the pinched quality we heard on many pressings. We gave both sides A++ grades, it will be very tough to find a copy that performs any better from start to finish. (more…)

The Hollies – Hollies Sing Hollies

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  • Both sides here were doing everything right — clean, clear and full-bodied with a big punchy bottom end
  • “After delving into more “serious” music with the Dylan album, the Hollies return to their pop roots with this fine effort… as usual, there is inconsistency in the quality of songwriting. However, even the most inconsequential tunes boast a good melody and solid musicianship… this is a good effort that maintains a balance between lightweight and serious pop material.” – All Music