Record Collecting – Just Upgraded!

Start with the Basics

  1. Understanding The Fundamentals

  2. Record Collecting Axioms, One and Two

  3. Building a Record Collection – Hot Stampers Versus Collector Pressings

Good Advice

  1. First Get Good Sound – Then You Can Recognize and Acquire Good Records

  2. Two of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make in Record Collecting

  3. Record Label Advice

  4. More Record Collecting Advice

  5. Some Record Collecting Don’ts

Reality Checks

  1. What Are Some Good General Rules for Acquiring Records with High Quality Sound?

  2. 1A, or Is 1B Better? – Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

  3. Skeptical Thinking Is Key to Collecting Better Sounding Records

  4. Avoid these Mistaken Ideas in Record Collecting and Audio

Mono, Stereo, Import, Domestic, Early Pressings, Reissues, Etc.

  1. Records that Sound Better in Mono 

  2. Records that Sound Better in Stereo

  3. Records that Sound Great in Both Mono and Stereo 

  4. Records that Sound Better on the Right Domestic Pressing 

  5. Records that Sound Better on the Right Import Pressing 

  6. Records that Sound Better on the Right Early Pressing 

  7. Records that Sound Better on the Right Reissue Pressing

  8. Moderately Helpful Title Specific Advice

  9. More Stamper and Pressing Information (Free!)

Deep in the Weeds

  1. Outliers & Out-of-This-World Sound

  2. Compromised Recordings and the Rapture of the Purely Musical Experience

  3. How Can Anybody Not Hear What’s Wrong with Old Records Like These?

  4. Building a Store of Knowledge, One Record at a Time

Records Audiophiles Should Avoid

  1. Audiophile Bullsh*t Records

  2. Heavy Vinyl Disasters

  3. Half-Speed Mastered Disasters

  4. Records that Did Not Make the Grade