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Yet another brilliant pop jazz recording from RVG in 1973 – he was plenty hot in the ’70s too. 

We had this to say about another favorite RVG recording from 1973:

The really good RVG jazz pressings sound shockingly close to live music — uncompressed, present, full of energy, with the instruments clearly located and surrounded by the natural space of the studio. As our stereo has gotten better, and we’ve found better pressings and learned how to clean them better, his “you-are-there” live jazz sound has begun to impress us more and more.

For those of you who have not been on our site for long, the record we are referring to is Grover Washington Jr.’s All The King’s Horses, one of RVG’s triumphs and a record we have offered Hot Stamper pressings of practically from the start. On big speakers at loud volumes the sound is glorious.

All Music Review

Gabor Szabo is well featured in a conventional quartet (without strings, horns or “sweetening”) that also includes the electric piano of Mike Wofford, bassist Wolfgang Melz and drummer Bobby Morin; Bob James sits in on some cuts on keyboards. For what would be Szabo’s last significant recording, the Hungarian guitarist performs an obscurity and five of bassist Melz’s originals… Gabor Szabo’s distinctive sound and logical improvisations make this an album worth searching for.

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