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After a nearly two year hiatus, finally, a Top Copy makes it to the site. Side one here is nearly White Hot (A++ to A+++), which means it finished just a half step behind our shootout winner. It’s got that big, rich, solid ANALOG Val Garay (James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt) sound that we go crazy for here at Better Records (where the records are still made from analog tapes, even if it’s only because there aren’t any other kind to make them from!).

And side two is nearly as good, earning Two big Pluses for itself for Bonnie’s-in-the-room-with-you presence and huge Disappearing-Speaker-Effect presentation. It may not have all the space within the soundstage as the best we played. but it’s as wide and as tall as any. Either way, it certainly is impressive. On big speakers, you are there.

The Glow’s best material can be found in the deeper cuts — I would point potential listeners in the direction of Your Good Thing (Is About to End) on side one — with an amazing sax solo (he holds the patent in perpetuity) courtesy of David Sanborn, and (Goin’) Wild for You Baby at the end of side two. Once you get past the more radio-friendly lead-off tracks on both sides, the quality of the writing and performing improve markedly.

Deep cuts are where it’s at on this one, and they can be very good indeed. Not her most consistent album, but one with many excellent songs that deserve a serious listen (which is fundamentally the idea behind Hot Stampers: the right pressings allow you to appreciate the music because you can actually hear it right).

Side One

A++ to A+++ and pretty much as good as it gets — BIG and ROCKIN’, with tons of high-rez space, echo trails, harmonic complexity and all that goes with it.

Side Two

A++, with especially big PUNCHY bass — who gets that sound better Val Garay? Played a good JT lately? If you haven’t, get one from us, it will rock your world. You’ll be done forever with anemic audiophile records.

More transparency and space would have put this one on a plane with our shootout winner. Without that one next to it, you will have a hard time finding much to fault in the sound.


Side One

I Thank You 
Your Good Thing (Is About to End) 
Standin’ by the Same Old Love 
Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate 
The Glow

Side Two

Bye Bye Baby 
The Boy Can’t Help It 
(I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend 
You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming 
(Goin’) Wild for You Baby

AMG  Review

The Glow was released in 1979 and includes great players like Danny Kortchmar, Bill Payne, and Waddy Wachtel. During this time, sales might have been a consideration as well as Raitt’s tough image. If anything, Asher accentuated Raitt’s rough edges and provided his customary production polish… The Glow isn’t a perfect album, but it’s a great example of the music she was doing during a make-or-break time in her career.