First Get Good Sound – Then You Can Recognize and Acquire Good Records

Record Collecting for Audiophiles – Understanding The Fundamentals

You know why this guy has so many records?

Because it’s easy to be a record collector; you just collect records.

To get your stereo and room to sound right, and recognize when they do sound right, or at least better than before, that is very, very hard. It takes a lifetime of effort.

I’ve been at it for forty-five years. I still work at it and try to learn new things every day. [Or at least I did. I retired in 2022 and left the running of the business to my dedicated staff.]

Until you get your stereo, room and ears working, collecting good sounding records is all but impossible.

You will very likely waste a fortune on “Collectible Audiophile Records.” The kind with Collector Value and not much else.

These are the precise opposite of Hot Stamper pressings. All their value is tied up in their Music and Sound, which is where we think it should be.

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