The Lovin’ Spoonful on Sundazed Vinyl

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Sonic Grade: F

Flat as a pancake and dead as a doornail, like practically eveery one of the other Sundazed records we played all those years ago.

Can the CD sound this flat and dead? 

I would bet money that it kills this piece of Heavy Vinyl trash. 

If you own this awful record, buy the CD and find out for yourself if it isn’t better sounding.

Yes, this is yet another Audiophile Hall of Shame pressing and another Disastrous Heavy Vinyl release with godawful sound.

Below you will find our reviews of the more than 200 Heavy Vinyl pressings we’ve played over the years. Feel free to pick your poison.

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And finally,

A Confession

Even as recently as the early 2000s, we were still impressed with many of the better Heavy Vinyl pressings. If we’d never made the progress we’ve worked so hard to make over the course of the last twenty or more years, perhaps we would find more merit in the Heavy Vinyl reissues so many audiophiles seem impressed by.

We’ll never know of course; that’s a bell that can be unrung. We did the work, we can’t undo it, and the system that resulted from it is merciless in revealing the truth — that these newer pressings are second-rate at best and much more often than not third-rate and even worse.

Some audiophile records sound so bad, I was pissed off enough to create a special list for them.

Setting higher standards — no, being able to set higher standards — in our minds is a clear mark of progress. Judging by the hundreds of letters we’ve received, especially the ones comparing our records to their Heavy Vinyl and Half-Speed Mastered counterparts, we know that our customers see things the same way.

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