The Ames Brothers with Esquivel – Hello Amigos

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  • By far the best sound we have ever heard for The Ames Brothers
  • 1960 Webster Hall vocals in RCA Living Stereo sound at its best
  • Huge, rich, smooth and natural, the Tubey Magic is off the charts
  • Esquivel and His Orchestra bring some fun Exotica flourishes to these Latin tunes

This copy is super spacious, sweet and positively dripping with ambience. This is vintage analog at its best, so rich and relaxed you’ll wonder how it ever came to be that anyone seriously contemplated trying to “improve” upon it.

This recording is the very definition of The Sound of Tubey Magic. No recordings will ever be made like this again, nor will any CD ever be able to capture what is in the grooves of this pressing.

For the audiophile of wide ranging taste, both the sound and the music should be lots of fun. If you want to demonstrate just how good 1960 All Tube Analog sound can be, I’d be hard pressed to think of another record that could do the job better than this one.

Perfect for demo-ing your stereo to anyone who thinks audio recording technology has improved in the last forty years.

Side One

White Hot Stamper sound, with a big stage, Tubey Magic and correct tonality from top to bottom.

The vocals are breathy, clear and present, yet so smooth and natural. Credit a great engineer, Ray Hall, working in a great space, Webster Hall, with exceptionally talented singers and musicians as performers.

Side Two

Every bit as rich, sweet and tubey as side one. Check out the awesome percussion and brass on the third track. Esquivel rocks!


What do we love about these Living Stereo Hot Stamper pressings? The timbre of the instruments is Hi-Fi in the best sense of the word. Every instrument in the soundfield is reproduced with remarkable fidelity. Now that’s what we at Better Records mean by “Hi-Fi”, not the kind of Audiophile Phony BS Sound that passes for Hi-Fidelity these days.

There’s no boosted top, there’s no bloated bottom, there’s no sucked-out midrange. There’s no added digital reverb (Patricia Barber, Diana Krall, et al.). The microphones are neither fifty feet away from the musicians (Water Lily) nor inches away (Three Blind Mice).

This is Hi-Fidelity for those who recognize correctly reproduced voices and instruments when they hear them. We’re pretty sure our customers do, and whichever of our customers picks this one up we guarantee he will get a real kick out of it.