Supertramp / Indelibly Stamped – Reviewed in 2010

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This is a British Original pressing with the best sound I have ever heard for this album. It’s sweeter, smoother, more delicate and more tonally correct overall than any American copy I have ever heard.

After doing the shootout with some other domestic copies, I put this record in the pile to be cleaned, and today I played it. Like many British pressings of British Rock albums, there is a whole layer of grunge and distortion that has been removed. A veil has been lifted, and you hear into the music in a way that was never before possible. There is no question this record is made from the master tape and the domestic pressings are made from dubs.

This is only the 2nd British copy I have ever seen (in clean condition anyway). My experience with British mastering is that it is all over the map, just like American mastering. Other British copies probably do not sound like this one, but I have no way of being sure.

I thought my last Hot Stamper copy was better sounding than this one, but that was only true for the track Potter, which on this Brit copy sounds a bit tame. Everything else is better here. It’s easy to make a mistake like that when you’re only comparing one song.

Below are the comments from the last copy we sold.

Worth it for one track alone, the song ”Potter”, a brilliant bit of British pub rock that’s without a doubt the most fun Supertramp ever had on record. There are other good tracks on this album of course. Hearing a really good sounding copy of this album allows me to appreciate it in a way I never could — it’s actually quite good in a straight ahead rock and roll way, far removed from what Supertramp was to become.