Letter of the Week – “Everyone is Amazed and Surprised”

One of our good customers who runs his own stereo store in the Netherlands had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently as demo discs for his customers:

Hey Tom, 

It is really great to play your records and explain how it works for you. Everyone is amazed and surprised. Our presentation is still small in relation to covid rules. But I hear that a number of customers are already finding their way to you and that is good news. I will make a newsletter to my customers about you early next year. We’ll stay in touch.



Glad you are enjoying our amazing and surprising Hot Stampers! So much better than all that crappy Heavy Vinyl they play in audio salons these days.

Thanks for your support and for turning on so many of your customers to our service, we very much appreciate it.

If your customers would like to learn more about records, our blog is the place to do it:

Best, TP