Spooky Tooth / It’s All About – Our Shootout Winner from 2008

Hot Stamper Pressings of Prog Rock Albums Available Now

Hot Stamper Pressings of Glyn John’s Recordings Available Now

This lovely Island Sunray British Import LP has some of the BEST SOUND I’ve ever heard for this band. Glyn Johns has done it again! Side one is amazing — super sweet and spacious, OVERFLOWING with tubey magic. If you love trippy pop as much as we do here at Better Records — think Dark Side of the Moon, Taking Tiger Mountain, Ambrosia, Magical Mystery Tour, Thick As A Brick and the like — you may find this one right up your alley.

The sound by Glyn Johns absolutely blew us away; not many records in the last thirty years have been recorded this well.

It’s got that wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor, HUGE three-dimensional soundstage that we love here at Better Records. It’s super-spacious as well as being tonally Right On The Money (ROTM), with PRODIGIOUS amounts of bass, a hallmark of Johns’ recording style.

Side two is nearly as good sounding, though not quite the equal of side one, which, as we say, if practically off the charts!