Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks – Where’s The Money?

  • A truly outstanding early pressing with Triple Plus (A+++) sound on side two and Double Plus (A++) sound on side one
  • The sound is rich, real and musical in ways that we we almost never hear a Dan Hicks record sound
  • The female singers’ voices are so clear, breathy and sweet on this copy, we were a bit taken aback – that just never happens
  • 4 1/2 Stars: “…the album does in fact capture a certain intimacy missing from their studio debut.”

Both sides are rich, real and musical like no other Dan Hicks record you have ever heard.

The female singers’ voices are so clear, breathy and sweet on this copy, we were a bit taken aback. On a Dan Hicks record? That just never happens.

What to Listen For (WTLF)

Here are some of the things we specifically listen for in a vintage Dan Hicks ‘Hipster Acoustic Swing” record

Our hottest Hot Stamper copies are simply doing more of these things better than the other copies we played in our shootout.

The best copies have:

  • Greater immediacy in the vocals (most copies are veiled and distant to some degree);
  • Natural tonal balance (many copies are at least slightly brighter or darker than ideal; those with the right balance are the exception, not the rule);
  • Good solid weight (so the bass sounds full and powerful);
  • Spaciousness (the best copies have wonderful studio ambience and space);
  • Tubey Magic, without which you might as well be playing a CD;
  • And last but not least, transparency, the quality of being able to see into the recording.


My music is kind of a blending. We have acoustic instruments. It starts out with kind of a folk music sound, and we add a jazz beat and solos and singing. We have the two girls that sing, and jazz violin, and all that, so it’s kind of light in nature, it’s not loud. And, it’s sort of, in a way, kinda carefree. Most of the songs are, I wouldn’t say funny, but kinda maybe a little humorous.

We all like jazz, so we like to play in a jazzy way, with a swing sound you know, so I call it “folk swing”. There are a lot of original tunes that I’ve been writing through the years, so that has its personal touch on it.

Dan before a gig in 2007 at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge, CO.


Side One

I Feel Like Singing
Coast to Coast
News from Up the Street
Where’s the Money?
Caught in the Rain
Shorty Falls in Love

Side Two

By Hook or by Crook
Reelin’ Down
The Buzzard Was Their Friend
Traffic Jam
Is This My Happy Home?
Dig a Little Deeper