Letter of the Week – “This record is an absolute treat and a real sleeper in the jazz catalogue.”

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One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased.

Hey Tom, 

I wanted to congratulate you on the Mingus record I purchased. It is an absolute masterpiece.

The performers are a who’s who of the golden age of Jazz. The arrangements and performances are as good as any in large group jazz I’ve ever heard.

The sound is as you say. Tonally perfect with wonderful spatial expansiveness and transparency. The only comparable large group jazz with comparable recorded fidelity I’ve heard is on Ellington Indigos, which ironically you had for sale in the same mailer; and Duke Ellington is Mingus’ idol in terms of arrangement and sound.

This record is an absolute treat and a real sleeper in the jazz catalogue. The combination of the Duke, Debussy and Ravel creates textures that are unique in all of music, classical or jazz. Sketches of Spain is close, but not quite in the same league.

Brilliant discovery on your part, and great fortune on mine. Thank you.



We recently discovered that the best copies of this album are even better sounding!