Jennifer Warnes / The Hunter – Awful on Import Vinyl (and Any Other Way)

Sonic Grade: F

A Hall of Shame Pressing on import vinyl from 1992. Years ago we wrote:

This is a SUPER RARE Private Music German Import LP. The last two copies of this record listed on eBay went for over $600! 

All of which was true. We left out, however, what an awful record The Hunter is in every way.

If you like your Big Production Pop to sound as phony as possible, this is the album for you. Not one instrument sounds remotely like it should, and that is surely an insult to audiophiles of every stripe.

The problem was that most self-identified audiophiles failed to notice how execrable the sound was. 

Oh, but it was on vinyl! That should solve all the problems with the recording.

Yes, the CD was bad, but the vinyl was no better. I had them both and couldn’t stand either of them.

The only album we like of Ms Warnes is Famous Blue Raincoat

It is her masterpiece, a Core Collection record, and a clear case of One and Done.

When you have a good copy of Famous Blue Raincoat, you have all the Jennifer Warnes you will ever need.


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