Was (Not Was) – Born To Laugh At Tornadoes

This is an Original Geffen Promo LP of one of my favorite wacked out records! I’ve never heard anything like it. Every song sports a unique arrangement and almost all of them have different vocalists, including a magical performance by Mel Torme.

If you like offbeat records, this is one you might get a kick out of.

“The Was brothers provide a strange bunch of songs with irresistible dance beats, plus an array of guest singers that is, well, unusual to say the least: Mitch Ryder, Doug Fieger (of The Knack), Ozzy Osbourne, and, on the ballad “Zaz Turned Blue,” Mel Tormé.” — AMG


Knocked Down, Made Small (Treated Like a Rubber Ball)
Bow Wow Wow Wow
Shake Your Head (Let’s Go to Bed)
Man Vs. The Empire Brain Building
(Return to the Valley of) Out Come the Freaks
Professor Night
The Party Broke Up
Zaz Turned Blue

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