John McLaughlin / Extrapolation – Our Shootout Winner from 2013


INCREDIBLY POWERFUL AND DYNAMIC DEMO QUALITY SOUND THROUGHOUT! If you’re looking for a jazz-fusion guitar album that will wake your system up (and show off its best qualities to boot), this is the hot ticket right here. We had been slowly compiling various pressings for a big shootout for ages, and we finally let it rip recently. This was one of the most impressive pressings, earning an A++ on side one and an A+++ on side two. If you’re a fan of ’70s Miles Davis or the Birds Of Fire album, you probably already know that you need this in your collection! 

We can get into jazz-fusion as long as the sound is good and the music retains some structure. The stuff that is pure bombast doesn’t do it for us, it gets tedious quickly and who could sit and evaluate multiple pressings of such music? This album is a different story, giving you lots of great music and seriously impressive sonics.

The typical pressing is a pretty good sounding record, a copy like this is a MONSTER. You get real weight down low, more body and breath to the brass, incredible richness, superb presence and the kind of transparency and resolution that will let you hear every last details these guys put into the mix. It ain’t for everyone, but it’s gonna be just the thing for someone!


Side One

It’s Funny 
Arjen’s Bag 
Pete the Poet 
This Is for Us to Share

Side Two

Binky’s Dream 
Really You Know 
Two for Two 
Peace Piece

AMG 4 1/2 Star Rave Review

John McLaughlin’s first recording as a leader features the future innovator playing guitar in an English quartet. Although McLaughlin contributed all ten pieces, baritonist John Surman actually dominates this music, often swinging quite hard. The historically significant set, although a lesser-known item in McLaughlin’s discography, is quite musical and enjoyable in its own right.