Linda Ronstadt / Silk Purse – Reviewed in 2010

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We played several copies of this album, and while it’s no demo disc by any means, this copy was far and away the best sounding of the group. We can’t quite bring ourselves to call it a Hot Stamper.

Technically of course it is — it’s a pressing that’s superior to all the others we’ve played — but as the recording itself has some serious shortcomings we’ll just call it a Pretty Good Stamper.

“While it followed the same musical approach of the debut, Silk Purse was an improvement on Hand Sown Home Grown, featuring more confident vocals from Linda Ronstadt and a stronger selection of songs, including “Lovesick Blues” and “Long Long Time.” – AMG Review 


Lovesick Blues 
Are My Thoughts With You? 
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 
Long Long Time 
Mental Revenge 
I’m Leavin’ It All Up to You 
He Dark the Sun 
Life Is Like a Mountain Railway