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This is a 2-pack set that gives you A+++ sound and quiet vinyl for both sides of this album. We Just Disagree and Let It Flow, Let It Go are the big hits here and they both sound great. This is one of the more consistent Mason solo albums, with more good songs and less filler than we’ve heard on some of his other works.

Side one is rich and smooth with good energy. It’s extended and open up top, punchy down low, and very clean and clear. Many copies we played were dry and grainy, none of them came to life like this side one. 

The side two here was also wonderful, bigger and richer than our other copies with excellent presence and energy.


Side One

So High (Rock Me Baby and Roll Me Away)
We Just Disagree
Mystic Traveler
Spend Your Life With Me
Takin’ The Time To Find

Side Two

Let It Go, Let It Flow
Then It’s Alright
You Just Have To Wait Now
What Do We Got Here?

All Music Review

Let It Flow was the biggest selling album that Dave Mason had while on Columbia, as it contained his biggest hit, “We Just Disagree,” as well as “Let It Go, Let It Flow.” Everything here is similar in character to the latter song, though not all of it is as catchy or hook-driven. And there is a great deal else to recommend this record, including the horn-and-string ornamented “Mystic Traveler”; the soaring, soulful “Spend Your Life with Me”; the funky “Takin’ the Time to Find”; and the soulful “What Do We Got Here?” Only the two hits off this album ended up on Sony/Legacy’s compilation of Mason’s work, Long Lost Friend: The Best of Dave Mason, so it is still a relevant purchase for those curious about Mason’s work in the ’70s.

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