Morton Gould and His Orchestra – Love Walked In – Our Shootout Winner from 2011

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A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

This Super Hot Stamper (or better!) Living Stereo Shaded Dog pressing has SUPERB TUBEY MAGICAL Golden Age sound the likes of which you will not believe. (If you’ve bought some of our best Hot Stamper Living Stereo recordings then you will have no trouble believing it I’m sure.) 

Side two displays some of the richest, most three-dimensional orchestral sound we have heard in quite some time. The fifth track is especially notable for a pizzicato arrangement that makes it a DEMO DISC track to beat them all. Plucked strings simply do not sound any better!

The legendary RCA engineer Lewis Layton deserves all the kudos here. The string tone is perfection on side two, Living Stereo Magic at its best!

Side One

The sound is rich, full-bodied and Tubey Magical. A little more top end extension would have made the strings a touch sweeter — they can get a bit shrill in places, but it doesn’t happen often.

Side Two

Clear, present, spacious, rich, relaxed — this is the sound we love here at Better Records. A tad more transparency and this copy would have earned our top grade of A Triple Plus. You will be blown away, especially by that crazy track five!

Further Reading

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Transparency, the other side of the Tubey Magical coin, is also key to the better pressings of this album as well as many of our other favorite demo discs.


Side One

Love Walked In 
I’m in the Mood for Love
Let’s Fall in Love 
Tell Me That You Love Me
Speak to Me of Love 
Easy to Love

Side Two

My Silent Love 
I Love You 
Why Do I Love You
I Love Thee 
Almost Like Being in Love 
I’m Sure of Your Love