Herbie Hancock / Maiden Voyage – Connecting the Players

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Freddie Hubbard on this album is nothing short of astonishing. I remember playing around with the stereo one day, listening for different effects as I made minor changes to the tracking weight, the VTA, adjustments to the Hallographs and the like, and at one point I noticed that the ensemble seemed to be more coherently connected, with each of the players more properly balanced with the others. 

It was a striking effect and it made me realize that musical values can often be overlooked while chasing after audiophile effects of one kind or another.

Hearing the ensemble come together made me appreciate this album even more.

Tony Williams on the drums here deserves a special nod. His cymbal work on the first track is original and spontaneous in the best tradition of jazz improvisation.


Side One

Maiden Voyage

When you have a good sounding copy such as this one, this track is pure magic. Each of the players will be balanced with each other allowing you to really hear INTO the music.

The Eye of the Hurricane 
Little One

Side Two

Survival of the Fittest

Once this track gets going, you’ll be treated to some spectacular drumming from Tony Williams. The superb clarity and high resolution on this copy allows you to clearly hear just how inventive and musical his playing is.

Dolphin Dance