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This original White Dog Black Label RCA pressing may not say Living Stereo on the label, but it sure has the kind of Living Stereo sound we audiophiles have come to love. It’s got the sound of RCA’s Nashville studios and Bill Porter’s engineering all over it, not to mention the kind of 1963 Tubey Magical Analog that would be long gone by the time the decade came to an end.

Along with George Harrison, who wrote the liner notes for Chet Atkins Picks on The Beatles, we’re proud to call ourselves Chet Atkins fans.

The depth, the spaciousness, the richness — this one has it all. It seems as though Bill Porter just does not know how to not make an amazing Living Stereo recording. Everything the guy touches is GOLD! Rich, smooth, sweet, full of ambience, dead on correct tonality — everything that we listen for in a great record is here.

And the music is good. The material here is more wide-ranging than most of Chet’s earlier albums, and his choice of songs is excellent.

Top support is provided by Floyd Cramer on piano and Boots Randolph on sax.

Both Sides

Great rhythmic energy and sound that just jumps out of the speakers.

By the second track on side two the sound is richer, tubier and more spacious. The next track will show you some especially deep bass, as well as lots of delicious early ’60s reverb.

Forgotten Sound

Need a refresher course in Tubey Magic after playing too many modern recordings or remasterings? Our Chet Atkins Hot Stampers are overflowing with it.

I suppose we owe a debt of gratitude to Harry Pearson for pointing out to us with his TAS Super Disc List what great recordings Chet Atkins made in the late ’50s and early ’60s. I would put this title up against the ones on his list any day. We’ve played scores of them over the years and we know just how good the best can sound. Side one here is hard to beat.

TAS List

Harry at least had the good sense not to put the Classic Records reissue of Chet Atkins in Hollywood (LSP-1993) on his TAS List. Practically none of those records had any business being on a Super Disc list regardless of how you define the term “super.” One can make the case for most of the records on his list, but one cannot make the case for any of the Classics one finds there.


Side One

La Dolce Vita 
Baubles, Bangles and Beads 
Naboomspruit Polka

Side Two

Muskrat Ramble 
Warm Palat 
Mossie Se Moses 
World Is Waiting for Sunrise

AMG Review

…these RCA discs still have a wealth of quality picking and a good share of top-drawer material. This time out, Atkins showcases music from around the world, mixing in warhorses like “Exodus” and “Volare” with nice surprises like Nino Rota’s “La Dolce Vita.” Of course, the album has a few overly glib and stiff moments but, in spite of the mire, the playing is always great.