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A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

No copy we played against it nor any copy we can remember ever hearing sounded any better to us. Both musically and sonically, this is Blue Note at its best!  

There’s LIFE and PRESENCE the likes of which you almost never hear on ANY jazz record. The sound is rich and full, from the extended top end all the way down to the deepest bass.

The trumpet on this album is NEAR PERFECTION! It sounds just right to us — tonally correct with lots of texture and wonderful leading edge transients. The drums, played superbly by Billy Higgins, sound amazing as well. Just listen to the ride cymbal to hear how extended the top end is. The bottom end is Right On The Money as well — deep, punchy, and well-defined.

The Players

Lee Morgan – trumpet
Joe Henderson – tenor saxophone
Ronnie Mathews – piano
Victor Sproles – bass
Billy Higgins – drums


Side One

The Rumproller 
Desert Moonlight

Side Two

The Lady