Hindemith / Symphony in B Flat / Fennell – Reviewed in 2010

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This Mercury RFR pressing contains Hindemith’s Symphony In B Flat, Schoenberg’s Theme And Variations Opus 43a and Stravinsky’s Symphonies Of Wind Instruments. All three pieces sound quite good here, and we’ve rated both sides between A+ and A++ overall. The sound is very dynamic and spacious throughout in the best Mercury tradition. Mercury was also known for its top quality performances of landmark 20th century works such as these, and here, as expected, Fennell and his venerable Eastman Wind Ensemble do not disappoint.  


Side One

Hindemith — Symphony in B Flat (for Concert Band)

Side Two

Schoenberg — Theme and Variations, Op. 43a 
Stravinsky — Symphonies of Wind Instruments