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A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This White Label Promo copy of the Doobie Brothers’ first album has SURPRISINGLY GOOD SOUND. It’s noticeably richer and sweeter than other copies I have played. It also doesn’t get congested in the loud vocal passages the way other copies do. I wouldn’t expect to find another one that sounds better, based on my admittedly limited experience with this album. 

“This is a debut record that has been overlooked by critics and fans alike despite cuts like “Greenwood Creek” and “Nobody.” As the Allmusic guide says, “This subdued slice of country boogie might be called the missing link between Moby Grape and the later, revved-up Doobies of Listen to the Music… it lays the blueprint for the Doobies’ future radio-friendly sound: chugging rhythm guitar, stretched-out harmonies, Tom Johnston’s joyful R&B vocals, and Patrick Simmons’ acoustic picking.”

Slippery St. Paul 
Greenwood Creek 
It Won’t Be Right 
Travelin’ Man 
Feelin’ Down Farther 
The Master 
Growin’ a Little Each Day 
The Beehive State 
Closer Every Day