Willie Nelson – Phases And Stages

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  • Stunningly good Triple Plus (A+++) from the first note to the last; you’ll have a hard time doing any better than this
  • The overall sound here is big, full, solid and musical with excellent bass and none of the harshness that plagues most copies
  • This is the first Hot Stamper to make it to the site, and we’ve been trying for a long time! Not so many good sounding copies out there…
  • “Make no mistake – the deceptively relaxed arrangements, including the occasional strings, not only highlight Nelson’s clever eclecticism, but they also heighten the emotional impact of the album.”

The first Hot Stamper copy of this great album to ever hit the site and it’s one for the ages. It’s taken us a long time to pull together enough clean copies to make this shootout happen. Boy, was it worth all the trouble. The presence and immediacy here are outstanding. Turn it up and Willie is right between your speakers, putting on the performance of a lifetime. He’s clearly one of our favorite male vocalists, and this superb copy will show you why.

Fresh Tapes – You Just Can’t Beat ‘Em

When this record was made the tapes were fresh. Now they’re 30+ years old. On audiophile equipment you will have no trouble appreciating the difference. Unless I miss my guess the difference in sound should be obvious and huge.

On this pressing Willie is no longer a recording — he’s a living, breathing person. We call that “the breath of life,” and this record has it in spades. His voice is so rich, sweet, and free of any artificiality, you immediately find yourself lost in the music, because there’s no “sound” to distract you.


Side One

Phases And Stages (Theme)/Washing The Dishes
Phases And Stages(Theme)/Walkin’
Pretend I Never Happend
Sister’s Coming Home
Down At The Corner Beer Joint
(How Will I Know) I’m Falling In Love Again

Side Two

Bloody Mary Morning
Phases And Stages (Theme)/No Love Around
I Still Can’t Believe You’re Gone
It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way
Heaven And Hell
Phases And Stages (Theme)/Pick Up The Tempo/Phases And Stages (Theme)