Love – Revisited

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Hot Stamper Pressings of Psych Rock Albums Available Now

This is a very old review. The sound of this “greatest hits” compilation, on even the best copies, is unlikely to be good enough to qualify for Hot Stamper status these days.

We will never really know of course, as we no longer buy these pressings or take the time to clean and play them.

Love is a shockingly well-recorded band, one that deserves to be heard on top quality vintage pressings.

Our review from way back when:

This album was made from dub tapes and has some of that dubby sound (smeary, veiled, lacking in space), but in its defense we can say that it was very well mastered from those copy tapes and for the casual fan of the band is worth picking up if the price is right.

We had a chance to shootout a handful of copies recently and didn’t hear any others that could compete with this Elektra Original Pressing. We are HUGE fans of Love and this copy will show you why.

Both sides are lively and full-bodied and the bottom end is KILLER throughout. In short, it’s EXACTLY the sound you want for this music. Give it a chance and you’ll hear for yourself!

Compared to some other copies, this one had more impact, more power and more energy. The vocals are full-bodied and rich with excellent presence. Most copies we heard were pretty blurry down low, but you can actually make sense of the bass on this one.

AMG  Review

As creative as this group was, Love was never such a strong creator of individual albums. Each record by this band that came out had brilliant songs such as the unforgettable “Seven & Seven Is” as well as second-rate filler including one endless harmonica jam. So this is one group that might be better suited to collections such as this one. A listener might find they have all the Love they need, if such a thing was ever possible, by just owning one album such as this.

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