“How would you describe the sound signature of your evaluation equipment?”

The following came to us recently:

Hey Tom, 

I am trying to make sense of the information on your site and the asking prices for these ‘hot stampers.’

In order to better understand how you assess sound quality, can you let me know what equipment you use for this purpose (what turntable, arm, cartridge, amps, speakers)?

How would you describe the sound signature of your evaluation equipment?



Thanks for contacting us. We wrote a commentary about it, linked here:

Our Playback System – And Why You Shouldn’t Care

As for our sound signature, we’ve labored mightily over the last forty years to build the biggest, most dynamic, most powerful system, limited by only those colorations we don’t know how to rid ourselves of. Here are some thoughts on what we went through in order to achieve our current level of fidelity:

Our System Just Loves Certain Records – Why Do You Suppose That Is?

Having done all that work over the course of decades, we feel we are in a good position to offer our readers:

Audio Advice

A lot of the basics about our Hot Stampers can be found at the top of every page under:

Start Here

Our customers tend to be very enthusiastic about our Hot Stampers, as you can see by the letters they write us:

Hot Stamper Testimonial Letters

Any questions, feel free to write me.  Of course, writing is one thing, but

Hearing Is Believing

Best, TP


Basic Concepts and Realities Explained 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Important Lessons We Learned from Record Experiments 

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