Gershwin / All the Works for Orchestra – This Set Was on the TAS List?

More of the Music of George Gershwin

Hall of Shame 3 Record set that had us asking: Why would anyone want to own these awful records? Isn’t the music of George Gershwin better than this?

TAS List or no TAS List, the performances of the works listed below are much too slow to be taken seriously.

This is one of those records that make you wonder what the hell some audiophile reviewers, including Harry Pearson himself, must have been smoking back in the day.

I get that The TAS Super Disc List is about sound, not music, but the sound is not that great here either, and the bargain vinyl is the typical gritty, grainy, noisy crap that VOX records tend to be made with.

Reviews and Commentaries for the Music of George Gershwin

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Records, Like This One, That Do Not Belong on a Super Disc List

Concerto in F
Cuban Overture 
Lullaby (Version for String Orchestra)
Catfish Row (Suite from “Porgy and Bess”)
An American in Paris
Rhapsody in Blue
Second Rhapsody
“I Got Rhythm” Variation