Cat Stevens – “The dynamic range is almost shocking on my rig.”

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This letter from our good customer Gary references the Hot Stampers he bought from us and subsequently played for a CD-only audiophile friend with a megabuck stereo. This is his story, followed by my commentary about the sound of Cat Stevens’ music on disc.

The Cat Stevens Hot Stampers are just amazing. The dynamic range is almost shocking on my rig. It’s like a car with the ability to go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds… It is so cool to turn up the music really loud and still converse with people if you want. The quiet is dead quiet. That is the sign of a good record.

I had a visitor from Chicago with more money in his system than most houses, no vinyl. He is now looking into it. Teaser busted him. I think I might have cried when I heard Father and Son on Tillerman, just beautiful. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Gary, I have a long history of challenging audiophiles who hold that the CDs of those albums do them justice sonically. Prove it I say. The difference between the good LP pressings and the best CDs is NIGHT AND DAY. Anyone playing the CDs of those albums is in the presence of a pale shadow of what’s really on that tape.

We written page after page of commentary on the sound of Cat’s classic recordings, but you sure won’t know what we’re talking about by playing those damn CDs.

If you don’t have a good turntable, just learn to live without this music. You really can’t hear it right on CD, so why even bother?

P.S. A CD-only audiophile with more money than sense? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Most of the ones I’ve met are more in love with the technology than with the music it is supposed to be reproducing. Like most modern audiophile gear, it’s almost always very clean, very clear and very BORING.

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