Letter of the Week – Diamond Head

Diamond Head

One of our good customers had this to say about some Hot Stampers he purchased recently:

Hey Tom,   

BTW- I played Diamond head UK and US pressings at my friend’s place. He has the Transrotor table and all VAC tube stuff. He was amazed at the difference.

Send him a link to our site if he wants to be amazed more often.

Even this one is a joke next to the best Island copies:


Best, TP

It’s funny you sent this link. I was on Discogs looking at one of the original UK releases. But I’m tired of chasing down copies all over the us and Europe getting nice condition vinyl that sounds like crap.

If you set high standards, which you do, then taking a chance on these Discogs types is a huge waste of time. It’s only the fact that record buyers have such low standards and poor playback equipment that they find the crap they are sent tolerable.

Sellers sometimes tell me that I am the one who ever complained. That speaks volumes.

Best, TP

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