The Choir of King’s College / Evensong For Ash Wednesday from the TAS List


We were very impressed with the sound of side one of this Dutch stereo pressing. For those not familiar with the album, it basically consists of a church service with readings and singing by soloists and choir. Recorded in a huge church, the clarity, naturalness and spaciousness are hard to fault.

Imagine our surprise then when we dropped the needle on side two and heard EVEN BETTER sound — bigger (my notes say “huge in fact”), with a wider and deeper soundstage and even more transparency and resolving power. I suppose it could get better but you will have to prove it to me. Until then I’m calling this one a legitimate Demo Disc for vocal reproduction on side two. I know of none better.

Side one earned a sonic grade of A++, for the sweetness and naturalness of the voices more than anything. This is not a sound that’s easy to capture or reproduce, making this a great test disc as well as a Demo Disc par excellence.

A+++, even better! Compare the two sides and see if you don’t agree with us that side two is even more amazing than side one!

Consisting of hymns, psalms and readings, this is a regular event in the King’s College calendar.

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