Fairport Convention – The Bonny Bunch of Roses


  • Superb Super Hot or better sound for both sides
  • Quiet vinyl too – a true Mint Minus with one minor issue
  • This British Vertigo Spaceship pressing is going to be very hard to beat
  • Make no mistake: this is a Demo Disc Quality record on this pressing 

AMG commented about the followup album that Fairport was “doing what the band members do best – taking some fine old traditional English jigs, reels, and traditional narratives and putting their own distinctive folk-rock stamp on them.”

We think those comments apply to this album equally well.

The first track is very Proggy with rich solid bass and tons of Tubey Magic. Transparent and tonally correct from top to bottom. It may be As Good As It Gets (AGAIG)

Side two was every bit as good. Here are two sides that are just plain Hard To Fault (HTF).

If only more records sounded this good!

But then again that would put us out of business, so, truth be told I guess we’re glad more records don’t sound this good.


Side One

Jams O’Donnells Jig
The Eynsham Poacher
Adieu Adieu
The Bonny Bunch of Roses

Side Two

The Poor Ditching Boy
General Taylor
Run Johnny Run
The Last Waltz
Royal Seleccion No. 13