Art Pepper – The Trip – Our Shootout Winner from 2007

This Autographed copy of The Trip has WONDERFUL SOUND AND MUSIC! The title ain’t lying — this album is a TRIP! We dropped the needle on this Contemporary Yellow Label pressing and immediately stopped listening critically and began just enjoying the music and the sonics. That’s the sign of a truly exceptional album. The sound on this album is so alive and so real, you’ll feel like there’s a West Coast Jazz quartet in your living room.

The key word here is NATURAL. No phony boosted top, just smooth sweet sound everywhere you listen. 

Both sides are rich and full bodied and the sax has a nice bite to it. The piano sounds just right with the kind of weight that really conveys the percussive qualities of the instrument. The cymbals and snare sound particularly good here.


The Trip
A Song for Richard
Sweet Love of Mine
Junior Cat
The Summer Knows
Red Car

AMG Review

“Not only was Pepper more assertive than ever, but he also took more chances. Polish is for shoes and fingernails: by the late ’70s Pepper was rough, raw, and nakedly vulnerable. Every solo this late in his career was an adventure.”