Bee Gees / Spirits Having Flown – Our Shootout Winner from 2012

We sat down with a big stack of pressings recently and only found a few that really had their mojo workin’. This copy was one of the best we heard, earning an A+++ grade on side one — where the best songs are found — and performing quite well on side two also (A+ to A++). The energy factor is off the charts on side one, and that’s exactly what this music needs to really come to life. You are going to be surprised how rich and full-bodied this album can sound when you have a great copy like this.

Variety is the spice of life, and since we can’t play Neil Young records every week we decided to take this disco classic for a spin. We were very impressed with the better pressings, but most copies we played bored us to tears. Most copies are just too thin and dry to take seriously, and even the richer and fuller ones usually lacked too much in the way of life or immediacy.

Side One

A+++, As Good As It Gets! As soon as we dropped the needle on this side, we were knocked out by its energy and life. When you hear this music really jump out of the speakers like this, its appeal is hard to deny. The vocals are full and breathy, the bass is solid and punchy, and the overall sound is airy and spacious with no attendant sacrifice in richness or fullness. A+++, White Hot Stamper material all the way!

Side Two

A+ to A++. The top end is wonderful here, with the kind of openness and transparency we don’t hear on too many copies. A touch more fullness would have earned this side its second plus. Still, the bass is solid and there’s great warmth and sweetness on display here.

You don’t need platform shoes and a leisure suit to get down with this album. The All Music Guide raves about this album and gives it four and a half stars out of five — not too shabby. Disco’s heyday may have come and gone (thankfully) but there’s no denying the power of songs like Tragedy and Too Much Heaven when they sound this good!


Side One

Too Much Heaven
Love You Inside Out 
Reaching Out 
Spirits (Having Flown)

Side Two

Search, Find 
Stop (Think Again) 
Living Together 
I’m Satisfied 

AMG 4 1/2 Star Rave Review

The record showcased the usual superb singing, and featured the most delicate and ambitious production and arrangements in their history. It may have lacked the spirit of freedom and experimentation found on Main Course or Children of the World, but in its place was a boldness that manifested itself not only in the singing, but also the most intricate and ambitious production and arrangements of the group’s entire history.