Spooky Tooth / Witness – Our Shootout Winner from 2009

This very nice looking Island Sunray British Import LP has GREAT SOUND on side one — we rate it A++ or thereabouts. (There may be a copy out there that’s worthy of our Triple Plus grade and there may not; this is the first clean early British copy we’ve played and it sounded so good to us we didn’t think there was much room for improvement, on side one anyway. Hence the grade.)

Although it’s not Glyn Johns that engineered this album, it was recorded at Island and Olympic studios, both of which are top quality locations famous for producing some of the best sounding rock records in the history of the world.

Side two is not quite as good as side one but we would still give it about an A+ if we were doing a shootout, a step down to be sure but still a very good sounding side. You can be pretty sure that the domestic copies can’t hold a candle to either side of this lovely British pressing. THIS is the master tape; domestic Spooky Tooth records are made from dubs and don’t sound ANYTHING like this bad boy.


Ocean of Power 
Wings on My Heart
As Long as the World Keeps Turning 
Don’t Ever Stray Away 
Things Change 
All Sewn Up 
Dream Me a Mountain 
Sunlight of My Mind