The Everly Brothers – The Everly Brothers Best – Reviewed in 2015

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This is only the second Everly Brothers Hot Stamper to make it to the site, and I’m sure the reasons for that are not hard to fathom. I must look at fifty EB records for every one I buy, and even with a good scrubbing most of those are not going to pass muster. 

Side One

Present and breathy vocals are the key to this side’s high rating. Note how dynamic the boys’ voices are on the second track; maybe a little bright but it sounds like that’s the right sound for the music. The third track has much the same sound.

Side Two

Tonally fine in its way, which is to say rich on the first track, thinner on the second, and correct for the third; in other words, overall it’s right.


Side One

Bye Bye Love 
I Wonder If I Care As Much
Wake Up Little Susie 
Maybe Tomorrow
Should We Tell Him

Side Two

All I Have To Do Is Dream 
Bird Dog 
Devoted To You
Love Of My Life

AMG Review

The Everly Brothers’ Cadence sides of the late ’50s feature some of the duo’s best work. Shooting to stardom in their wake, the Brothers’ many Cadence highlights include “Bye Bye Love,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” “Problems,” and “When Will I Be Loved.” All of these were represented on the original 12-song LP, which also provided a heavy dose of Boudleaux and Felice Bryant’s incredible songs — on top of a handful of classics authored by the Everlys themselves — not to mention the chance to hear of some of the best Nashville players of the day… this original Cadence compilation still holds up nicely after almost half-a-century.