Various / The Heifetz-Piatigorsky Concerts

Hot Stamper Pressings Featuring the Violin

Superb Recordings with Jascha Heifetz Performing

This is one of the pressings we’ve discovered with reversed polarity.

This IMMACULATE set has dry, edgy, screechy sound — until you reverse your absolute phase! Then it sounds pretty good! It certainly will never win any awards, but it’s practically unlistenable without the phase reversed. 

Now I can’t say that’s true for all six sides. I play graded all six sides — they range from M- to slightly worse, about as quiet as these Soria pressings ever are — but I only reversed the phase on side one after dropping the needle on the other sides and suffering through the brittle sound.

The box is in excellent condition! It has some very light wear along the corners but is gorgeous overall. It is rated 8+ out of 10. Comes complete with the deluxe Soria full-size booklet, which includes lots of wonderful pictures of the recording session and extensive notes about the music itself.

HEIFETZ, violin with William PRIMROSE, viola,

Leonard PENNARIO, piano &

Gregor PIATIGORSKY, cello +

Guests perform MOZART: Quintet in G min., K.51 +

MENDELSSOHN: Octet in E flat maj., Op. 20 +

BRAHMS: Sextet in G maj., Op. 36 +

FRANCK: Quintet in F min. &

SCHUBERT: Quintet in C maj., Op. 163