Deep Purple / Who Do We Think We Are! – Our Shootout Winner from 2011

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This British Import Purple Records pressing has a GREAT side one, and AMAZING A+++ side two, and VERY QUIET VINYL throughout! I don’t think you could find a better sounding side two no matter what you did. The sound here is BIG, BOLD and LIVELY with real weight down low and excellent presence. It really JUMPS out of the speakers and fills up the room! Side one is very good as well, with all of the qualities described above. It doesn’t fully open up the way side two does, but it still slaughtered most of the copies we played it against.

The big hit song from this one was Woman From Tokyo and it sounds excellent on this copy — very natural with real texture to the guitars and lots of WHOMP down low.

I don’t think the material here is as strong as the stuff on Machine Head, so we’ve kept the price much cheaper than what a great copy of that one would run you. I imagine there are plenty of Deep Purple fans who like this album just fine and don’t care what we think about it, and if that happens to be your story I imagine you will be very happy with this kind of sound at this low of a price. 

Both sides had the kind of presence and energy that puts most copies of this album to shame. It’s also amazingly spacious, the result no doubt of it being recorded practically live in the studio. On the best copies you can really hear the sound bouncing off the studio walls, just as you can on the best Zep, AC/DC and Bad Co. albums. You can just tell they are all playing this one live: it’s so relaxed and natural and REAL sounding.

What You Want from the Best Copies

The best pressings give you exactly what you want from this brand of straight ahead rock and roll: presence in the vocals; solid, note-like bass; big punchy drums, and the kind of live-in-the-studio energetic, clean and clear sound. (AC/DC is another band with that kind of live studio sound. With big speakers and the power to drive them YOU ARE THERE.)

I’m guessing that very few people have ever heard this record sound this good. The average copy is really a piece of crap.


Side One

Woman From Tokyo
Mary Long
Super Trouper 
Smooth Dancer

Side Two

Rat Bat Blue 
Place In Line 
Our Lady