Dave Brubeck Quartet / 25th Anniversary Reunion

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This album has SURPRISINGLY GOOD SOUND and even more SURPRISINGLY GOOD MUSIC! Who would have thought that these old goats still could still play jazz at this level? Especially Joe Morello on the drums — this guy drums up a storm, especially during his solos on the first track. He’s always been one of the strongest members of the foursome. But everybody here is good, and they do both their famous songs and some that they’re less well known for.  

“This classic recording was the last time that pianist Dave Brubeck recorded with the late altoist Paul Desmond. The reunion of the most famous version of Brubeck’s Quartet (which also included bassist Eugene Wright and drummer Joe Morello) found all of the players enthusiastic and still in their prime (although Morello’s eyesight was failing). “St. Louis Blues,” the tender “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me,” “Three to Get Ready” and yet another version of “Take Five” are among the highpoints of this historic final session.” — AMG


St. Louis Blues
Three to Get Ready
African Times Suite: African Time/African Breeze/African Dance
Salute to Stephen Foster
Take Five
Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me