Beethoven / The Five Beethoven Concertos / Rubinstein -Reviewed in 2011

This original Shaded Dog Five Disc Box Set (LSC 6902) contains all five of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos, with sound that’s predictably all over the map, from White Hot to Not-So-Hot and every grade in between. Yes folks, we actually listened to every one of these sides in a shootout with other RCA, London and Mercury pressings of the same music.

The best sound in the set was clearly the Third Piano Concerto, which had sides that were Super Hot and White Hot.

Overall Sonic Grade:

Side One – A
Side Two – A++
Side Three – A+
Side Four – A+ to A++
Side Five – A++
Side Six – A+++
Side Seven – A+ to A++
Side Eight – A+ to A++
Side Nine – A++
Side Ten – A