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A DAZZLING TOUR OF THE BROADWAY SHOW SCENE… courtesy of Mickey Crofford’s engineering in NYC’s legendary Webster Hall. If we could only find more vintage pressings with this kind of fidelity and musical invention our job would be a lot easier. We have to play a huge stack of titles to find even one that can do what this copy is doing, and how many of those will be this quiet? One out of a hundred? Two hundred? The whole enterprise boggles the mind. 

Side One

Huge, rich, and Tubey Magical as all get out, the instruments will positively come jumping out of your speakers like few records you have ever heard.

Huge bass and richness helps keep the brass from getting too blary.

Side Two

Even better, the full Three Pluses (our blue ribbon, gold medal, and best in show all wrapped into one). The sound is nothing short of DEMONSTRATION QUALITY.

When the sound is this big and lively and correct, the sound itself becomes half the fun. What a record!


Side One

Guys and Dolls
What Kind Of Fool Am I?
Everything’s Coming Up Roses
The Sweetest Sounds
Till There Was You
I Believe In You

Side Two

I Could Have Danced All Night
I’ve Got Your Number
Stranger In Paradise
As Long As He Needs Me
This Is A Great Country